HERS Rating

HERS Rating

TCCI is a member of California Home Energy Efficiency Rater Services (CHEERS) and certified by the California Energy Commission (CEC) as a Home Energy Rating System Rater (HERS).

HERS rating and certification is required by the State of California when a permit is obtained to perform heating, air-conditions and/or ducting replacements or repairs.  It is the responsibility of TCCI to certify that all pertaining equipment operates by the California Energy Commission Standards.  

TCCI performs diagnostic testing utilizing specialized equipment (Duct Blaster) pressurization fans to measure air leakage within the duct system and (Theatrical Smoke) fogger to identify leakage areas.  Diagnostic equipment (Digital Refrigerant Gauges and Thermometers) will be used to evaluate the operating efficiency and proper air flow of the air conditioning system.  

A pressurization fan and door assembly (Blower Door) is utilized to either pressurize or de-pressurize the home to identify leakage around windows, doors and other areas that allow air to escape or enter the home.  TCCI utilizes Infrared Thermography to evaluate home insulation quality and water infiltration within the ceilings, walls and floor.  

TCCI encourages the homeowner to participate in the energy evaluation to better unstand our findings and recognize how best to recitify deficiencies.  Our goal at TCCI is to help the homeowner create the most energy efficient home possible in the most cost-effective manner, and to realize the energy savings benefits of their investment.